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View our company videos and learn more about 3D printed lenses.

Integrate smart technology with prescription lenses

Smart glasses require a combination of technology integration and prescription lenses. 60% of the population today requires prescription lenses. Learn more about the unique Luxexcel technology which enables partners to integrate functionalities inside the lens.

The Luxexcel solution

3D printed lenses offer full lens customization for prescription lenses. Learn more about the Luxexcel VisionPlatform™ for ophthalmic labs to manufacture unique lens products in-house.

Animation Luxexcel 3D print technology

Learn more about our proprietary and globally unique process to 3D print prescription lenses. In this animation, you find out more about our platform.

Electrochromic foil integration

Luxexcel enables the integration of an electrochromic LC foil inside a prescription lens. The foil is encapsulated providing durability.  This allows you to combine smart technology with prescription lenses. The result: electrochromic eyewear with vision correction.

Helping smart glasses conquer the world

Smart glasses need to address the prescription of people’s eyes. Our technology bridges the gap between technology and prescription lenses, bringing it into one product. Learn more about our use case project to provide prescription lenses.

3D printed ophthalmic lens

See actual lenses being printed inside the Luxexcel VisionPlatform™ in timelapse photography. Instead of subtracting material, we add material to build the lens drop by drop.

3D printed lenses

3D printed lenses with prescription enable the eyewear of the future. It replaces multiple steps into one single manufacturing step. Learn more about the Luxexcel journey.

3D printed lenses to create the eyewear of the future

Guido Groet and Eva Flipse explain more about the possibilities of 3D printed prescription lenses for traditional, feature and smart eyewear.

Luxexcel and IFB Solutions customized 3D printed lenses

3D lenses are printed daily and enable you to manufacture customized lenses. Learn more in our partner testimonial.

Luxexcel 3D printed lenses - a shared vision for success

Learn more about our first partner IFB Solutions and our shared vision for success to create unique ophthalmic lenses.

First ophthalmic 3D printer partnership

Additive manufacturing changes the way products are made. Now prescription lenses can be 3D printed. Learn more in the testimonial video.

The first ophthalmic 3D printer install

Lenses are printed daily which offers ophthalmic labs and partners more flexibility and scalability to manufacture lenses. Take a look at our first commercial installation event recap.