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Luxexcel 是世界上唯一一家能够完整打印镜片的公司。通过使用我们的技术,我们的客户可以将镜片发送给终端客户,每天,都有人佩戴我们制作的镜片

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Integration of Prescription Power, A Waveguide, and a Projector, in a Single Lens Module | SPIE. AR, VR, MR

SPIE. AR, VR, MR presented: an interview with Luxexcel and WaveOptics on the “Integration of prescription power, a waveguide, and a projector in a single lens module”.

Integration of technology inside a prescription lens

How to create smart glasses that look like conventional eyewear? Luxexcel enables you to create smart glasses with a normal form factor. How do we do this? Our 3D printing technology integrates smart devices like waveguides, electrochromic or holographic foils into prescription.

Better smartglasses with 3D printed lenses

Luxexcel developed the pioneering technology solution to 3D print prescription lenses. This enables partners to create better smartglasses like augmented reality glasses or glasses with active filters like electrochromic sunglasses. Learn more in our webinar.

The applications of 3D printed lenses

Learn all about the applications of 3D printed lenses to create the smartglasses and lenses of the future.

The technology behind 3D printed lenses

The 2nd webinar of the Luxexcel webinar series, we discuss the technology behind our “liquid to lens” 3D printed lenses and the material properties of our proprietary lens material VisionClear™. We share examples of lenses made with our proprietary material and discussed how to partner.

Luxexcel and the technology to 3D print lenses

Learn all about the pioneering technology for 3D printed lenses in the Luxexcel Webinar series. In the first webinar, you will learn more about 3D printed lenses to create the eyewear of the future.

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LUXEXCEL第二次网络研讨会——3D 打印镜片背后的技术

LUXEXCEL第二次网络研讨会——3D 打印镜片背后的技术