What makes an innovative technology company a success?

by Fabio Esposito – CEO, Luxexcel

Every time we finish a customer or a strategic partner meeting I leave with a sense of pride. It’s immensely fulfilling to see how we consistently progress on our path to deliver commercial-grade 3D printed prescription lenses with integrated smart technology. The secret of our success?

“ The reason behind Luxexcel’s success is our team.”

Technology startups typically focus on the ‘technology’ or a product and its features.  Our approach is different. We focus on the team and our alignment towards understanding customers’ challenges and developing  technology that brings them new opportunities.

At Luxexcel, we’ve come a long way on our path to help companies in the traditional ophthalmic and smart eyewear industries embrace 3D printing to manufacture both better and complex lenses. Our journey focuses on ‘helping our customers become more successful through digital customization.’

From prototyping to custom eyewear

3 guidelines we follow to remain customer-centric 

At Luxexcel we focus on building a team by following simple guidelines:

1. We recruit the right talent for the job

Luxexcel is a Dutch company, but our team also operates from Belgium and the United States. We’ve strategically assembled a core team of 40 highly trained professionals who are all experts in particular fields. We’ve identified the strategic job roles that we require – to build a 3D printing machine to manufacture prescription lenses, the first of its kind, is no mean feat. Skills spanning from ophthalmics, 3D printing, to material science are required to get the job done.

Today, our team consists of experts in optics and ophthalmics, mechanical, mechatronics, electrical and software engineers, chemists, quality and process engineers, and commercial experts. With our combined skillsets we’re able to first design and then transform a liquid material into a prescription lens while integrating smart technologies, all with the single touch of a button.

“ Trust me: you won’t find the combination of talent employed at Luxexcel in any other company in the world.”

luxexcel employee skills

2. Our employees have a global mind-set

We recruit globally, and search for talent with a strong cultural alignment across geographies which allows us to build a ‘unique’ team. Our employees come from Spain, India, the United States, Italy, South Africa, Belgium, and of course, The Netherlands. Our international mindset enables us to communicate with customers and partners from around the world.

Our employees all speak a minimum of two languages and most of them, including myself, have worked on two or more continents.  Our team understands cultural differences that also help bring new perspectives to our customers’ challenges.

We serve customers and strategic partners in North America, Switzerland, Germany, France, Japan, China, and Korea, to mention a few.

3. We work towards the same objective

Everyone on our team has the same objective: we’re driven to disrupt an industry. This requires laser focus from the entire team, zero distractions, and knowledge of where we’re going and what we want to achieve. Being nimble and highly specialized allows us to achieve our goals.

Our ability to focus on a common objective has allowed us to achieve several industry-firsts, which all meet specific needs in our customers’ environments. We’re the first company to:

  • 3D print prescription lenses that don’t require any post-processing to deliver their designed optical performance
  • 3D print without support material: just remove the lenses from the printer and snap them into the frame
  • Deliver a 3D printer that is a complete production system that custom prints novel lens products for end-use as designed by our partners and team
  • Create  transparent, certified, optical-quality material for use in our 3D printers
  • Make smart eyewear integration in prescription lenses a reality for our smart eyewear customers
  • Create an air gap required for waveguidetechnology integration within our 3D printing process

The Luxexcel team has come a long way to enable smart glasses with Augmented Reality prescription lenses, and still has a way to go. Our journey is fun and exciting thanks to the people on our team!

About the author:
Fabio Esposito is the Chief Executive Officer and leads Luxexcel, as the first company globally to 3D print smart prescription lenses, to strategic, financial, and operational growth.

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